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Different Scales of Living

The workshop series with 13-14 year olds focuses on the different scales of living. Inspired by the work of the researchers Abraham Moles and Élisabeth Rohmer in psychosociology of space, the course looks at the 'human scales': from the scale of the body to the scale of the city. This exploration of space through its limits is a means of bringing the focus back to the person who lives and perceives space : the human being. Through games and visits, the teenagers questioned the different scales and then expressed their ideas through drawings and models.

Coquilles de l'homme2.png

Bloc 1 (5 lessons) : The scale of the body
Bloc 2 (6 lessons) : The scale of the appartement
Bloc 3 (7 lessons) : The scale of the dwelling
Bloc 4 (7 lessons) : The scale of the neighbourhood
Bloc 5 (7 lessons) : The scale of the city

13.14CROAIF_2022-10-08_La Chambre (5).jpg
13.14CROAIF_2023-01-28_La dent creuse (16).jpg
13.14CROAIF_2023-04-15_Le projet (21).jpg
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